Important changes to Singapore central business district

The pace of development in Singapore has brought about numerous changes in the Singapore Central Business District. The changes are:

*Efforts have been made to develop a highly active and lively nightlife by introducing these exclusive malls along with both the Marina Bay Sands and Jockey Hotel areas. A number of hotels, restaurants, and bars are being opened to make Singapore a home away from home for all types of travelers.

* A new roundabout has been created at the leading edges of the Central Business District to encourage walkers and cyclists. This roundabout is a major factor in the overall improvement of pedestrian traffic and vehicle congestion in the district. You can enjoy the roundabout while taking a stroll, jogging or biking in the nearby neighborhood streets.

Central Business District

Attractions in the CBD

* Many attractive and interesting cafes and eateries have been built in this district that adds to the fun and excitement of the district. These cafes and restaurants serve gourmet food in exotic dishes.

*A number of different venues such as theatres, pubs, and restaurants have also been introduced in the district to provide entertainment at an affordable price. As an example, there are the Sugar Factory, Cafe Central, the Picture House Theater, and the Singapore Exchange Club.

* The newer mall, the Grove Mall, is the newest entrant into the Central Business District scene. It has its own unique identity, layout, and design features. The malls in the zone include Aspire, Hotel Victoria, the National Gallery, The Grove, Raffles Hotel, Teo Tower and the Botanic Gardens.

In summary, Singapore has managed to maintain its life and vitality even with all these “removals”. The revitalization of the Central Business District has brought about significant improvements in the area.