We Asked Seven Homeowners for Their Biggest Reno Regrets

To inspire more homebuyers to consider investing in the Reno-Sparks area, we asked seven homeowners for their biggest Reno regrets. Each of the women who took the time to share their regret was asked for her biggest regret and each said that the same thing – that they would do it all over again!

The first regret? What about the Las Vegas Strip? Well, she may regret it at the time, but after five years of living in the City of Joy, she has made the decision that she would trade the Strip for Downtown!

Second is what about homebuilding? When asked if she has a favorite city to live in, a very thoughtful woman responded that homebuilding is her favorite. Homebuilding is always a favorite choice, but she wishes she had gotten more experience in some other city when homebuilding was still fresh in her mind.

Women’s regret

Third, how about knowing what she doesn’t know? This was a big regret for many of the women that took the time to participate in the interview. All seven homebuyers mentioned that they wish they knew more about the City of Sparks before they made the decision to buy there.

Facade view of Singapore property

Some of the women that did not mention their biggest regrets were delighted that they didn’t buy an apartment or a condominium when they first moved into their home. They did mention that in the future, they will likely look at buying a smaller home because they would like to be able to keep their home and space for their family, but they were pleased with the way they settled in at first.

Moving into the dream home

Regardless of the regrets that were shared, it seems that for many homeowners, one of the greatest RONALD REAGAN Moments was to move into their dream home! We were really impressed with the questions the women had for us and the ability to have a real conversation with each one of them.

The questions and answers helped us get to know these women a little better, and we are happy to say that Nancy Reagan was there to help the women who participated in our Reno Regrets Interview. She spent most of her time with them and seemed genuinely interested in their stories and why they chose to live in Reno, Nev. It’s nice to see someone who is passionate about a place and family, so much so that she took the time to listen to the regrets of our interviewees.